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  • Hohner B2A V


    The active Hohner B2AV 5-string headless bass comes with a bridge licensed by Steinberger, active electronics and two EVL J-style pickups, two concentric active tone controls (high and low) and two volume controls. The B2AV has an active/passive switch and is one of the very few active basses that can also be used in passive mode. You will never be down again because of a drained battery! The active status is indicated by a red status LED.
    • Full scale electric 5-string bass.
    • Short and light and therefore ideal for travel.
    • Solid maple neck-through construction with 24 frets.
    • Rosewood fingerboard.
    • Dual action truss rod.
    • Two J-style pickups and active electronics by EVL.
    • Active/Passive switch.
    • Detonable bridge licensed by Steinberger.
    • Classy walnut satin.